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Discover how Azeal Digital transformed Guru Learning Institute's online presence, enhancing user experience and engagement. Dive into our journey to revamp their website, resulting in a 250% increase in traffic, a 70% rise in mobile users, and a remarkable 75% boost in conversion rates. See how our strategies propelled Guru's growth, making English learning more accessible and engaging for students.


Guru Learning Institute, a trusted name in English certification courses, faced several challenges:


Outdated Online Presence

Their website didn't reflect their esteemed status in English education.

Complex Course Navigation

Navigating through a multitude of English courses was confusing for students.

Mobile Responsiveness

The website lacked full mobile responsiveness, affecting the experience for users on smartphones and tablets.

Limited Online Engagement

Guru struggled with engaging students online and fostering a sense of community.

Limited Conversion Opportunities

The website had limited mechanisms to convert visitors into enrolled students.

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Website Redesign

We initiated a complete redesign, giving the website a modern and appealing look, enhancing credibility.

Streamlined Navigation

We simplified course navigation, allowing students to find their desired courses easily.

Mobile Optimization

We ensured full mobile responsiveness, providing a seamless experience on all devices.

Community Building

We implemented online forums and discussion boards to create a sense of community among students.

Conversion Optimization

We added clear calls-to-action (CTAs) and simplified enrollment processes.


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Website traffic surged by 250%, indicating the website's improved appeal and functionality.

Mobile users increased by 70%, showcasing the success of the mobile optimization efforts.

Online forums and discussion boards led to a 40% growth in community engagement.

The revamped website contributed to a 20% rise in student enrollments, positively impacting Guru's growth.

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