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The Centre for Hospitality Studies & Research (CHSR)

The Centre for Hospitality Studies & Research (CHSR)

At Azeal Digital, we believe that every great institution deserves an equally great online presence. Our partnership with The Centre for Hospitality Studies & Research (CHSR) was a testament to this belief. We embarked on a mission to transform CHSR's online identity, creating a website that truly reflected their excellence in the hospitality industry. In this case study, we'll take you through the challenges we faced, the innovative solutions we brought to the table, and the real impact we delivered.


Overcoming Challenges: Navigating the Path to Success for The Centre for Hospitality Studies & Research (CHSR)


Breathing Life into the Old

CHSR's previous website felt like a relic, failing to capture the essence of their prestigious status.

Navigational Nightmares

Users struggled to find what they were looking for, navigating through a maze of information.

Mobile Must-Have

With the world going mobile, CHSR needed a website that shone on all screens.

Empowering CHSR

We aimed to empower CHSR's team to effortlessly manage and showcase their courses, research, and events.

Revitalization Strategy: Building Brand Awareness and Recognition for Oscar International College


Together with CHSR, we crafted a design that didn't just look good but felt like CHSR's DNA, a true reflection of their brand.

We put users first. In-depth user research paved the way for an intuitive navigation, ensuring visitors could find what they needed with ease.

With a responsive design, our website worked like a charm on any device, making sure nobody missed out on CHSR's excellence.

We gave CHSR a user-friendly content management system that made updates a breeze. No technical wizardry required.


Measurable Impact: Achieving Tangible Results through Strategic Initiatives at The Centre for Hospitality Studies & Research (CHSR)


The new website lit up with engagement. Visitors explored deeper, stayed longer, and bounced less. CHSR's offerings and research got the attention they deserved.

Mobile traffic soared by 45%. CHSR reached more potential students and stakeholders, wherever they were, thanks to our mobile-friendly design.

The website wasn't just a facelift; it was a brand makeover. CHSR now stood out as a leader in hospitality education and research.

CHSR's team could now update content in a snap. Information spread faster, enhancing communication with students and partners.

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