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Revamping Oscar International: Azeal Digital's Journey to a Modern Website

At Azeal Digital, we believe that every great institution deserves an equally great online presence. Our partnership with The Oscar International was a testament to this belief. We embarked on a mission to transform Oscar International's online identity, creating a website that truly reflected their excellence in the hospitality industry. In this case study, we'll take you through the challenges we faced, the innovative solutions we brought to the table, and the real impact we delivered.


Oscar International, a distinguished institution in hospitality education, faced an array of challenges:


Outdated Web Presence

Their existing website was stuck in the past, failing to represent their commitment to innovative education.

Low Enrollment Rates

A stagnant website resulted in declining enrollment numbers, affecting the institution's growth.

Poor SEO Rankings

The website's low search engine rankings hindered its visibility and discoverability among potential students.

Ineffective Content Structure

Disorganized content made it challenging for visitors to find the information they needed.

High Bounce Rates

The outdated design and slow loading times were causing high bounce rates among visitors.

Azeal Digital devised a multifaceted strategy to tackle these challenges:


Modern Design Overhaul:

We initiated a complete redesign, giving the website a contemporary look and feel that resonated with prospective students.

Streamlined Navigation

A restructured navigation system simplified access to key information, making the website more user-friendly.

Performance Optimization:

Technical enhancements reduced page load times by 40%, ensuring a smoother user experience.

SEO Integration:

A comprehensive SEO strategy was implemented to improve search engine rankings, resulting in a 35% boost in organic traffic.

Content Reorganization

We organized the content effectively, making it easier for visitors to locate information about courses, faculty, and admissions.


The collaborative effort between Oscar International and Azeal Digital yielded impressive results:

150% Increase in User Engagement:** User engagement surged by 150%, evident in heightened page views, extended session durations, and increased inquiries.

40% Faster Load Times:** Improved loading times by 40% resulted in a better user experience and significantly enhanced SEO rankings.

35% Boost in Organic Traffic:** Azeal Digital's SEO efforts led to a 35% increase in organic traffic, broadening the institution's online reach.

20% Increase in Enrollment:** The revamped website contributed to a 20% rise in student enrollments, positively impacting the institution's growth.

50% Reduction in Bounce Rates:** With the website's modern design and improved performance, bounce rates decreased by 50%, indicating higher visitor engagement.

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