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Vaseba Immigration is a Canadian-based immigration consulting firm that provides personalized immigration services to clients across the globe. Vaseba Immigration approached our digital marketing agency to create a Google Ads campaign that would increase their brand awareness, drive traffic to their website, and generate leads for their immigration services.


Overcoming Challenges: Navigating the Path to Success for Vaseba Immigration


High competition

The immigration services industry is highly competitive, and we faced challenges in targeting the right keywords and phrases that would generate high-quality traffic. We had to continuously monitor and adjust our keyword strategy to ensure we were reaching the right audience.

Limited budget

We had to work within a limited budget, which made it challenging to maximize our reach and impact. We had to carefully balance our spending across various ad campaigns to ensure we were getting the most out of our budget.

Ad fatigue

After running the campaign for several months, we began to see a decline in engagement and click-through rates, indicating ad fatigue. We had to refresh our ad copy and design to keep the campaign fresh and engaging for potential clients.


As an immigration consulting firm, Vaseba Immigration had to adhere to strict compliance regulations. We had to ensure that all our ad copy and landing pages complied with relevant regulations and guidelines to avoid any legal issues.

Revitalization Strategy: Building Brand Awareness and Recognition for Vaseba Immigration


Keyword Research

We conducted extensive research on relevant keywords and phrases that potential clients might use when searching for immigration services. We used a combination of Google Keyword Planner and other online tools to identify high-volume, low-competition keywords that would drive traffic to Vaseba Immigration’s website.

Ad Copy:

We created highly targeted and persuasive ad copy that clearly communicated Vaseba Immigration’s unique value proposition and service offerings. The ad copy highlighted the firm’s expertise in immigration consulting and emphasized their personalized approach to client service.

Landing Page Optimization:

We optimized the landing pages of Vaseba Immigration’s website to ensure that they provided a seamless user experience and encouraged visitors to take action. We added clear calls-to-action (CTAs) and made sure that the pages were mobile-friendly.

Ad Targeting:

We used a combination of geographic and demographic targeting to ensure that the ads were displayed to the most relevant audience. We targeted individuals who were interested in immigration to Canada and who met specific criteria such as age, education level, and income.


Measurable Impact: Achieving Tangible Results through Strategic Initiatives at Oscar International College


Increased Website Traffic: The campaign generated a significant increase in traffic to Vaseba Immigration’s website. We saw a 45% increase in website traffic during the campaign period, with the majority of visitors coming from the Google Ads campaign.

Improved Quality of Traffic: The traffic generated from the Google Ads campaign was highly targeted and qualified, resulting in a 35% increase in leads generated from the website.